About Us

We have been developing equipment for ice-hockey goalkeepers under the trademark MIKLIN during more than 10 years. During these years we have gained a wide experience of developing and manufacturing new models.

We have been selling equipment for ice-hockey goalkeepers in the Russian market since December 2001, and in have been selling internationally since November 2002!

We have gone a long way from creating home-made single samples to professional approach to manufacturing everything connected with goalkeeper equipment.

At present we appear to be the only Russian company manufacturing ice hockey equipment and using the same modern materials, technologies and equipment as the world's leading manufacturers of goalkeepers equipment.

In our latest collections we use modern materials of technologies Clarino from USA, metal parts from Canada and Latvia, stuffing from Canada, England and Russia, fabrics from France and Korea, tools manufactured in Germany and Japan.

Clarino is an artificial substitutes for natural leather, which are 3 times more durable and long-lasting than natural leather. These materials are waterproof, which is very important while playing ice hockey.

Nash-suede is an artificial substitute for suede, and it has the same qualities as Clarino material.

Velcro is a special long-lasting adhesive fabric tape, easy to use due to fast undoing.

Nylon 200-1000 Den is a very durable fabric saturated with waterproof polyurethane.

The new goalkeeper's equipment collection is made in accordance with today's hockey requirements. This collection possesses all characteristics which make this equipment outstanding.

We continuously do research work in order to improve our products.

Drawing in professional hockey players and taking into consideration their experience and opinion we strive to make our equipment more and more perfect.

Today we can say with confidence that our quality can be closely compared to the one of such leaders of ice-hockey industry as KOHO, Bauer, CCM and others.

We look into the future with confidence and will always do everything for your satisfaction when you use our equipment!

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